Jurgen Klopp: Appealing Mane’s ban was a waste of time – 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers


Jurgen Klopp: Appealing Mane’s ban was a waste of time

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp (left) and winger Sadio Mane

Graeme Jackson

Wednesday Sep 13, 2017. 18:00

Appealing against Sadio Mane’s three-match ban was a ‘waste of time’, according to Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp.

The Senegal striker was given a straight red card this past weekend for a collision in which his right foot caught Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson in the face.

The Reds appealed against the length of the mandatory ban – three matches – but their pleas were rejected by the FA.

Mane is available for Liverpool’s UEFA Champions League clash against Sevilla tonight, but will miss their next three domestic matches: Premier League fixtures against Burnley and Leicester City, as well as an EFL Cup tie against the latter.

“I didn’t expect something different,” said the Liverpool manager. “It was really our duty to appeal. But it was a waste of time obviously.

“Our appeal was right because I could say if we would appealed the red card but we didn’t.

“We only appealed the length of the suspension. I never thought it would happen but only because I am used to it to things like this. There were a lot of situations which were similar.

“All the other players were lucky only Sadio was not lucky. And obviously Ederson was not lucky. It looks really awful and he was also lucky nothing more serious happened.”

The German manager emphasised that Mane did not deliberately set out to injure Ederson and felt he should have had a reduction on the ban.

“There was not even a percentage of Sadio which wanted to put the goalkeeper in danger. He wanted to get the ball and it’s important he does that in the next few games,” said Klopp.

“We cannot change this and it’s a sport where this happens. It’s like it is. I don’t blame the ref for the decision. If I saw the boy bleeding I would have made the same decision.

“But one game less would have been right, two and a half, not three and half.”


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Neville & Henry – Sadio Mane’s didn’t deserve a red card – 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers – Africa


Graeme Jackson

Sunday Sep 10, 2017. 13:00

Senegal’s Sadio Mane did not deserve to be sent off in Liverpool’s heavy loss at the hands of Manchester City on Saturday, according to Sky Sports pundits Gary Neville and Thierry Henry.

The Teranga Lions attacker was shown a straight red card by referee Jon Moss after colliding with City goalkeeper Ederson in a 50-50 battle for the ball.

Moss took issue with Mane’s raised foot, which appeared to catch the Brazilian ‘keeper in the face. The Reds player was sent off, while the City man left the pitch on a stretcher.

It proved to be a crucial turning point in the match, with Pep Guardiola’s team going on to claim an emphatic 5-0 victory.

“It’s one of those I don’t think he needed to give a red card, it wasn’t expected and I think he’s got it wrong,” Neville said in his role as an analyst for Sky Sports.

“How many times this season do you see a foot high, when a player goes with their head and the player gets there first and the foot goes into the chest.

“’You very rarely see a red card for it, you might get a yellow.”

Henry added: “I think I would have gone for it, it’s an unfortunate 50/50 for the goalkeeper.

“The referee saw the player down and that played on his mind, sometimes it can play on your mind. The goalkeeper had to go for it, the player had to go for it and if that happened in midfield it wouldn’t have been a red.

“Did he give a red straight away or did he wait and see what happened with the goalkeeper?”

Neville continued: “Let’s not be clouded by the fact he’s going to be stretchered off, that’s unfortunately part of the game, players clatter into each other.”

However, former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher disagreed with Neville.

“It’s a red card. I didn’t initially think it was, I thought there was a coming together in a 50/50,” he explained.

“People will say ‘he had his eyes on the ball’ but that doesn’t matter. Sadio Mane hasn’t tried to do him but if you don’t get there and your boot is that high you get a red card for excessive force.

“I took some convincing and I didn’t think so on first viewing, but John Moss got it right. It was difficult for Mane, the ball was there and he had to go for it but he’s suffered the consequences.”


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Liverpool’s Klopp happy with injured Mane’s progress – 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers – Africa


Liverpool's Klopp happy with injured Mane's progress

Liverpool forward Sadio Mane

Graeme Jackson

Thursday Jul 13, 2017. 14:00

Liverpool FC manager Jurgen Klopp is happy with Senegal international Sadio Mane’s progress as he continues to recover from a knee operation.

The 25-year-old forward recently began light training with the English Premier League (EPL) giants after missing the end of the 2016/17 season.

The Reds will travel to Hong Kong, Asia for pre-season Premier League Asia Trophy and the club head coach Klopp provided an update regarding the player.

“He is really, really good. He is close; he is closing on coming back to team training,” Klopp told the club’s official website.

“In this moment, we think it will be when we are in Asia, so then it makes no sense to take him to Asia because he needs to then do the first steps in kind of team training.

“We will see how we can do it; maybe [some of] the U23s will be here, so when he can start this [training] then we can use this opportunity, but we have to wait,” he added.

“On Tuesday morning he was part of the running, so he is first-team training if you want and that looked really good.

“I think he is getting better, but it is how it is after a long time – you need to build a little bit of muscle again in the quad and thigh, which is important,” he continued.

“There is no risk with him because he is a naturally fit boy and in the moment when he can start to be a real part of the sessions.

“He will then immediately be fit again. We have not all the time in the world, but we have time and we will use it.”


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