These players can’t cope with the pressure of playing for Man United – Keane

These players can’t cope with the pressure of playing for Man United – Keane

Manchester United Legend, Roy Keane has lashed at the present United squad after their disgraceful 2-1 loss at home to Sevilla on Tuesday.

The Red Devils were considered favorite to dump out the Spanish side, but to many people’s surprise, Montella’s Sevilla pulled a shocker.

While speaking with ITV, Keane said: “The negativity was too much, and the two goals were shocking to give away.”

“All the question marks will be against United. You’ve got to give credit to the opposition; they deserved to go through.

“I’m not surprised Man United lost; you don’t know what you’re going to get with this team. We talk about tactics and systems; players have got to do their job, that’s the least you have to do.

“I get the impression with this team they’re not enjoying the pressure or the expectation of playing for Man United.

“I think the manager would take responsibility. I don’t think he’s shocked; he knows they’re short. Man United have had trouble over the last three or four years; they need more players.

“It’s not always the answer, but they need three or four players. Some of them aren’t good enough; it’s not their fault.

“That’s typical Jose Mourinho; I wouldn’t take much notice of that. The worry for me is that when the manager won last season, they won three trophies, the manager was including the Charity Shield as a trophy – my god, you know you’re in trouble.”

The 46-year old former midfielder also singled out United most expensive player, Paul Pogba for criticism for the role in played in Ben Yedder’s goals

“Pogba, we’ve spoken about Pogba a number of time. He’s not the only problem,” Keane admitted. “But if he can’t get in the starting XI, you’re in trouble.

“He comes on, you expect good players to affect the game, he came on last night and done nothing.

“We saw with the goal, his reaction to it was like a school boy. He doesn’t smell danger. The reason you’re in a team is if one of your mates makes a mistake, you cover for him.