Gaudiola Believes In Honest Football

Man City believes in “honest” football – Guardiola

Manchester City Manager, Pep Guardiola paid little attention to critics’ comments about his side playing dishonestly, a tactic they believe helped them to another victory over Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United at Old Trafford on Sunday.

To Guardiola, Manchester City won because they play the most fantastic football in the league as they controlled the majority of possession on Sunday evening. He was quick to remember the last time Mourinho complained about a referee error in his previous defeat to Guardiola and asserted that City won because of that, but Guardiola dismissed that.

The former Barcelona handler said his players often stay longer on their feet after been fouled than they ought to- although many people will disagree with that claim after Gabriel Jesus’ dive.

“Last season, it was the same-we won here and it was the referee. Today as well – Guardiola commented.

“Yesterday he spoke about the referee; we are an honest team. We had 75 percent ball possession, which means we wanted to play.”

“We came here and did that, it is not true that my players go down easily. That is not an argument I believe.”

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