Alexis Sanchez convicted of tax fraud

Breaking: Alexis Sanchez convicted of tax fraud

Manchester United forward, Alexis Sanchez has been convicted of committing tax fraud during his time with Barcelona in Spain although he will not be behind the bars according to Spanish laws.
After a long trial, local prosecutors’ agency Fiscalia de Barcelona has confirmed to reporters that the Chile International has been sentenced to 16 months prison terms for the offence.
He will however not be going to jail as he is only a first-time offender and in relation to the law, first-time offenders avoid prison when the sentence is less than 24 months.
Sanchez was accused of evading tax in the tune of €1 million [£886,000] and also defrauding the Spanish authorities of income from image rights between 2012 and 2013 as reported by EFE reports.
According to the Spanish News Agency’s article, it was revealed that the 29-year old will now pay back the amount alongside its interest over time, plus a fine of €590,065 [£523,029] and he will also be prohibited from receiving public aids and tax incentives in Spain for a period of two years.
In a long list of football stars that have been linked with tax-related offences in Spain, Alexis Sanchez is only the latest figure in a list that includes Jose Mourinho, Lionel Messi, Angel Di Maria and Javier Mascherano. Ballon d’Or winner, Christiano Ronaldo is equally battling with alleged tax-related offences at the moment.
Sanchez representative went on Social Media to make his disinterest and anger known as he wrote about “repeated, consistent and indecent leaks” of information about such cases that relate to football stars in accepting an agreement on Twitter.
He went on to state that in a history of the related case that always involves foreigners, the player alongside his team has decided to accept the biased agreement.
He wrote: “In these circumstances, and despite having shown that Alexis has not committed any crime, we have been forced, on the recommendation of our advisors, to accept the unfair pact offered and thus alleviate the emotional, personal and economic wear and tear that endures long and tedious oral trials, where the media are used to publicly expose and judge facts of private nature.”

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